Before going on a city trip, I spend hours on searching for remarkable places in the city. Sometimes I even grab my paper travel guides. But still, I often get the best tips from the locals at the destination itself. Explore a city with a local is my best tip!

ontdek de stad met een local - explore a city with a local
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Take Barcelona; If I think of Barcelona, I picture the Ramblas, the Sagrada Família and Park Güell. However, the things I want to see are the lesser known places, the ones only known by the local inhabitants. What would be a better way to explore these places than with a local Barcelonese at your side? At the new platform Hi,hi Guide, you can easily connect with these locals to discover a city at its best.

How does this work?

On their website Hihiguide you can find an overview of all locals per city. After a short availability check, all available local guides are ready to be booked. The thing I like about Hi,hi Guide is that I am the one who chooses which local guide will show me around. Every local has its own profile page with a ‘about me’ text describing the local’s interests and what his/her specialties are regarding the tour. So, you can pick your favourite local! The prices are different per local.

After making your choice and completing the payment, you will receive each other’s contact details in order to discuss which places you are going to explore; hidden cafes, photogenic locations, impressive architecture, awesome streetart or a combination of the above.

Would you go on a tour with a local? Explore a city with a local is really nice. Let us know in the comments.

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